Sue Rosen - Caller
Garden State of Mind Text version
Formation: Duple Improper
A1: Men allemande left 1 ½ (women shift to the right to meet partner
Swing partner across from neighbors
A2: Down the hall 4 in line (about 6 counts)
Number 1 man (between the two women) turns "right hand high, left hand
low"* to invert those three while the number 2 man turns alone on the end
of the line.
Line of 4 returns up the hall.
B1: Circle left ½ (4 counts)
With neighbor along the side of the set, roll
away with half sashay (women rolls to right of neighbor) (4 counts)
Circle left ½ (4 counts)
With partner across the set, roll away with
half-sashay (women rolls right) (4 counts)
B2: Neighbor swing
Men should find the next man on the left diagonal to begin the dance.
Comments: *note: This leaves the men in the same position in the line but swaps the women so that they are returning up the set next to their male neighbor. "Right hand high, left hand low" should be familiar to traditional square dancers. In case it isn't, the man in the middle raises his right arm, turning himself and the woman on his left under it, as the woman on the right crosses over them. I hope this is clear. It's not a difficult move, but you might have to demo it for the dancers once.