Sue Rosen - Caller
Mood Swings Text version
Suggested tune(s): Duple Improper
A1: Long lines forward and…
On the return back: roll away with ½ sashay: Women roll to right along the set with neighbor
Men allemande LEFT 1 ½
A2: Partner balance and swing
B1: Circle left ¾ (to virtual wave of 4*)
½ hey (pass neighbor by right)
B2: Neighbor balance and swing
Comments: Do you know what I mean by "virtual wave of 4"? You flatten the circle and women end in the middle of a wave, but no hands touch and you don't stop there. Women face neighbor out of the set, men face in and it's nice to tug your neighbor with the hand left over from the circle (women's right, men's left) into the half hey. It's so hard to describe this move and I don't like to over-teach it, but it's the thing that makes the dance special. Let me know if it's not clear.